This Indian Electric Scooter Maker Is Making Some Of The Most Tech-Packed EVs In The Country


The global automobile industry is in the midst of a major disruption, potentially the biggest the industry has ever seen, all thanks to electric vehicles. For centuries, what were thought to be only short distance-limited capacity vehicles, have now stolen the main-stage from the IC engine vehicles. Don’t believe it? The Tesla Model S P100D does a 0-100 kmph in 2.5 seconds. Beat that, petrol-guzzling slowpokes!

As much as the rest of the world is welcoming the new found change in its mode of transportation, India is dawdling in advancing to these options. There are many interconnected reasons to it, one of them being the reluctance of auto makers to launch such vehicles in India.

So, the need of the hour was for the homegrown firms to take a step forward. And out came a player back in 2013 – Ather. Jump to 2018 and Ather has two product offerings in India. More specifically, two electric scooters named Ather 340 and 450.

While others wait for the government to build a charging network, which of course has no timeline whatsoever to date, Ather decided to take matter into its own hands and initiated the Ather Grid that constitutes of EV chargers that Ather calls ‘Point’. With this, the company aims to cover 30 spots within a city to approximate a Point within 4 minutes of reach from any location.

But enough about the idealistic approach. How are the Ather scooters better than the conventional IC engine ones? To start with, just like any other electric vehicle, they are silent, and by ‘silent’ we mean silent as a stone (check it out in the video below). They are good for the environment of course, with next to zero carbon footprint. And they come loaded with tech features.


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