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Recovering SEO traffic and rankings after a website redesign

When building a new website, retaining and improving your SEO and organic traffic should be a key design goal. This requires a clear understanding of how SEO and website design work together and careful planning for the site migration. If everything is done correctly, you should retain (and improve) rankings and traffic.

Search engines still dominate over social media, even for millennials

For many years people have been proclaiming the demise of traditional search traffic and the death of the SEO industry that supports it. While Google has posted consistent revenue growth from its core search business for the last many years, the pundits are convinced that the proclivity of users to search on a search engine for new information is a relic of the past to be replaced by a rising always-on social media presence.

Google adds event listings, detail filters in Google Search Console performance report

Google added a new set of filters around event markup in the search appearance filter in Google Search Console‘s performance report. This new filter lets you see how well your event listings in Google search are doing in web search.

User comments in Google search restricted to live sports games

Numerous web sites reported over the weekend that Google Search added a new feature to allow users to add their comments to the search results. This feature is limited to the sports answer box and has been around since earlier this year, with the World Cup 2018.

Report: Google showing fewer video and image boxes in the search results

According to data from search marketing platforms RankRanger and STAT Search Analytics, Google has dropped the percentage of time that video and images boxes show up in the search results. In fact, the data shows a 20 to 30 percent drop in these search features showing up in the Google web and mobile search results.